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Gentlemen's Hold'em
Run you creatures! Demo
This mobile phone game is under: Action-Adventure
Play six graphically enhanced action levels. You will have the role of a nightmare tormented guy named Mike. The animals of the world are out to get you. Stay focused!

The nightmares Mike is having are too much for him to handle. One day he decides to take action and calm his fears once and for all.

You will be emerged in six challenging levels that will carry you across the world. Animals from the woods, the prairies, the alpine areas, the swamps and the deserts will come your way. Use your handgun, machine gun or rocket launcher to blow them away. Try to keep a safe distance though because they byte back.
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Demo features vs Game features

Certain features may differ according to your device.
  • Controls are optimized for mobile gaming
  • Better and faster movement on your handheld device due to artificial resize and recomposing
  • Menu and story flow are removed from the demo
  • Full levels are removed from the demo
  • Full beginning story is removed from the demo

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